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Our Guiding Principles

Academic excellence

Our schools focus on a quality, content-rich curriculum that is knowledge based. Nothing can substitute for a comprehensive education to include; grammar, literature, history, science, math, physical education, music, and art. All students deserve access to a high quality public education and it is our duty to deliver that each and every day.

Character development

Academic success is only one part of the educational experience. Students must develop their emotional intelligence and to learn the soft skills needed to be successful in life. Through the Core virtues program, our students learn what it takes to be not only be successful academically, but how to work with others and to become a positive and productive citizen.

Civic leadership and patriotism

We feel it is imperative to teach our students the importance of civic duty. Our students must learn why it is important to vote, without anyone telling them who to vote for. It is also vital for students to become active in their community, so that their communities and our nation continue to lead the way for generations to come.

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